Agro-hydro solutions cater for your water needs with unique custom equipment. We provide turnkey solutions, including design, engineering, manufacturing, automation, installation, maintenance and training. We use state-of-the-art technologies for efficient water and the reuse of wastewater. we provide our clients a rare opportunity to enjoy quality water right from their water storage without waste pollution and depletion of natural resources. We have simple solution to purify or treat your water on daily basis whether the source of the water is shallow or deep borehole.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

From climatic considerations to integrated assessments, combining ethical, sanitary, environmental and social dimensions, our professionals are trained in the latest technology in the field. Our assessments includes compliance and regulatory monitoring, health impact assessment, safety and protection, land quality and impact, land planning and agriculture, water quality etc.

Water Treatment

We offer water treatment parameter optimization, water treatment system performance remote check and verification with alert of key water data to give our clients a safe, efficient water treatment solution.


we supervise the installation and commissioning of each unit we provide, according to the customer's requirements. We send technicians and/or engineers nationwide to configure your installation.


Our specialized engineers provide on-site advice,conducts on-site analysis and on-demand field testing including: Advice on water purification, performance improvement, Second opinion on water treatment. We offer free water quality test.

What else we provide?


We can carry out maintenance operations on any water treatment technology that is within the scope of our supply.


We supervise the installation and commissioning of each unit we provide, according to client's requirements.


Services include Reverse osmosis, Membrane fouling, ion exchange, Calcium scaling, Filteration.


Services include Sand filters, Filter media, Active carbon filters, Filters of aerated activated carbon, Disinfection, Membrane systems etc

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Agro-hydro is an engineering company specializing in Water Treatment and Wastewater in Nigeria. 

We offer a unique portfolio of intelligent solutions and technologies for sustainable water use and resource recovery.